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Soft Story Retrofit

The City of Los Angeles passed Ordinance 183893 in 2015. This Ordinance requires mandatory retrofitting of buildings with soft story construction. Many buildings built before 1978 and have first stories with large openings that risk collapsing during an earthquake. The program creates a guide for property owners to strengthen their buildings to improve performance during an earthquake.

What is a Soft Story?

A structure that has a weaker first floor and is unable to carry the loads of the stories above during an earthquake. The first floor generally has large openings in the exterior walls such as garages, tuck-under parking or even large windows and doors.

Does this affect you?

Residential or commercial buildings that are:

2 or more stories wood frame construction
Built under building code standards enacted before Jan 1, 1978
Contains ground floor parking or other similar open floor space

May be required to comply with the ordinance.

Soft Story Retrofit Experts - Vuoso & Sons Construction

What do I do next?

We can help you determine if your building has been found with structural deficiencies and is required to comply with the ordinance. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. If your building is a property in need of retrofit, we offer complete expert design/build services to help make the process as painless as possible.

How do I pay for this?

Special financing is available for properties that require soft story retrofitting. The program will finance 100% of the cost and approval is based primarily on property value, not the credit of the property owner. Owners must use a construction company that has been approved to work with the program. Vuoso and Sons Construction is an approved and registered contractor and can help you get your financing going.

The Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department has developed a cost pass through program for property owners to recoup 50% of the retrofit costs.


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